The Science

Not all stem cells are created equal. Most of the cosmetic industry uses a “callus type” stem cell which is very weak, unstable, and highly ineffective. PSC Beauty is the only patented and the first brand in the world using plant stem cells derived from a special part of the plant called the Meristem. Using Ginseng roots costing USD$30,000 each, we only select the very best and most active stems cells to enhance and benefit the skin.

So, where do stem cells come from?

The stem cells in beauty products are derived primarily from plants and fruits that can stay fresh for long periods of time or regenerate on their own. Some of those in this group include Swiss apples, edelweiss, roses, date palms and a swamp plant called gotu kola. Extracts of these stem cells – not the live cells themselves – are added to skin-care products to help neutralize free radicals and fight signs of aging and sun.

Because there are so many different types of stem cells, it is often difficult to be certain what each product contains. Even sources can be confusing. There is some debate, for instance, as to whether the popular Swiss apple exists and, if so, whether its results have been fully proven.

PSC Beauty skin care products utilize the cambium meristem cell, which is the immortal adult plant stem cell. Like a human stem cell, it possesses the ability to self-renew and effectively replace certain plant cells in need of repair. These cells have been successfully extracted from well-known beneficial plants such as rare wild ginseng and the yew tree.

While many products claim to utilize plant stem cells, they are typically referring to the DDC or dedifferentiated cell, which is derived from the tissue formed in response to a wound. The callus has already begun its aging process at this point, so the offshoots of this wounded tissue are not genuine stem cells but are merely “stem like.” So, they are a far cry from the original meristem cells found in PSC Beauty skin care products.

Confused yet? Let’s clarify…

Don’t feel bad if you’re confused…there are many different types of stem cells. A few of them include:

  • IPSC
  • MPSC
  • CMC
  • DDC
  • ESC
  • ASC

The two that are of greatest interest to us are CMC (cambium meristem cell) and DDC (dedifferentiated cell). The CMC is the adult plant stem cell that is immortal. These undifferentiated cells, found in the meristems of vegetation, can self-renew and replace specific plant cells in need of repair. Conversely, the DDC is derived from tissue, known as the callus, that has formed in response to a wound. The DDC cell temporarily acquires the ability to divide and differentiate, but the aging process has already begun in response to the wound. So, while it is stem cell-like, it is not the genuine stem cell and does not possess its superior repair properties as CMC.

Inferior DDC end up in many cosmetic and skin care products, usually under names like stem cell extract, conditioned media or stem cell molecules. Don’t be fooled. Only PSC Beauty offers true CMC plant stem cell serum from the immortal cell.

So now we know the key stem cell is CMC what makes it so special?

CMC, or cambial meristematic cells, are undifferentiated plant stem cells from the cambium, a thin layer of cells found in plants. CMC are original immortal stem cells that can replicate or differentiate as they are still in their original state waiting for a signal to go to work.

PSC Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Essence is the only product of its kind that utilizes cambial meristematic cells from the extremely rare 50-year-old wild ginseng plant. These original immortal stem cells can self-renew, providing unique restorative properties unmatched by any other stem cell process.

The World’s Only True Stem Cell Beauty Product

PSC Beauty’s parent company, a medical research firm, was the first in the world to isolate the cambial meristem cell, CMC, and culture it using the most scientifically advanced methods. It is the only company to successfully separate the original stem cell, which is derived from the vascular cambium of the ginseng root. In addition, we were able to propagate these cells in culture.

Joint research with Edinburgh University in Scotland showed PSC Beauty plant stem cell products to be clearly different from those derived from an artificially dedifferentiated callus cell, DDC, which other beauty product companies use. Also, according to studies, the PSC Beauty extract was proven to have powerful anti-aging substances to protect collagen, maintain the skin’s elasticity and prevent wrinkles…even better than retinoic acid, which was known as the flagship for its anti-aging abilities up until now.

PSC Beauty plant stem cell products for the skin offers these remarkable benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Returns the tissue to homeostasis
  • Restores normal function of the skin
  • Increases collagen production, which helps increase skin elasticity
  • Returns vibrancy to the skin
  • Improves water retention deep in the skin tissue
  • Increases absorption rate of product by 106%, and the moisturizing effect by 35%
  • Suppresses the enzyme that breaks down collagen damaged from UV rays
  • Minimizes free radical damage and reactive oxygen species generated from UV rays