Nature as is

Plant Stem Cell beauty is the new trend in ‘all natural’ skincare. Originating from Korea – where the K-beauty aesthetic is focused on health, hydration and clear brightness of the skin we embrace that it is all about treating the skin, so it looks amazing without make-up. Introducing our precious and unique Patented Stem Cell Beauty oils which are the ‘essence’ of perfection.

Other brands use stem like but not true stem cells. The meristematic cells used in our Plant Stem Cell Beauty’s range of our precious oils are true & active cells. This allows for ultimate skin results such as:

  • increased collagen and tightening of the skin
  • repair of damaged skin cells/free radicals
  • maximized moisture absorption
  • increased skin cell fibres for greater elasticity

Through revolutionary science our Plant Stem Cell Beauty Anti-Aging Essences with Wild Ginseng stem cell, is the world’s first skin repair plant stem cell serum that uses plants stem cells successfully isolated and cultured to restore your skin on an unprecedented level; the results are that your skin will look healthier and you will look younger in 6 weeks.

We are

PSC Beauty is a concept embodied in the purest mechanisms of nature and science. So, it’s no wonder that the people behind PSC Beauty’s advanced skin products are themselves internationally recognized scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical experts. In fact, our products are all natural and science-based, with no animal testing – results of the pioneering work of our parent biotech company in Korea. They reflect the collaboration of leading figures in the industry, from Asia, the U.S. and Europe.

Bernie Bubman, the founder of PSC Beauty, has a long-standing reputation as a pharmaceutical, nutritional and health products innovator. For nearly 50 years, he has owned or operated a wide variety of enterprises promoting better, healthier living. A member of the Pharmacy Hall of Fame, he has scoured the globe for beauty-enhancing ingredients with powerful, natural properties.

Inspired by this core of visionary leadership, and as the only company to create natural skin products derived from true immortal plant stem cells, we invite you to experience the transformation your skin will experience. We are PSC Beauty. Honest research. True stem cell. Real science.